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8 Ways Money Can Be Saved on Event AV

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Quality AV is crucial when it comes to having a successful meeting. At its best, AV is capable of optimizing the entire experience for those attending your meeting, however, it can be a costly expense. The eight suggestions below can help you optimize your budget on audio-visual expenses for your upcoming meeting or event.

Someone Budgeting for an Event

Having AV at your event will be integral, especially if you are managing the event. The core fundamentals that audiences expect to be top tier include good lighting, sound, and screens. To hold their attention, your AV needs must be on par. Big and small budgets alike can easily find a fiscal medium for the AV at their event without compromising on quality.

Bring In Your Preferred AV Company

Using a hotel’s in-house AV team can be convenient, but it can be expensive. A hotel’s team allocates a significant commission of the invoice you pay to hotel management. This commission averages between 40% and 50%. A premium will have to be paid to cover the commission. If your budget is tight, and you need specialized technicians or equipment, bringing an AV company of your own may prove to be worthwhile in comparison to other options provided by the hotel.

Factor In AV During the Negotiation and Booking Stages

If there is an AV company you prefer to use for your events, bring them to the venue you are interested in. Tell any applicable people that you plan on using an AV partner of your own. This should be brought up during contract negotiations, as it can give you the versatility to select a vendor that accommodates your needs best.

Request Multiple Quotes

Many AV companies are willing to aggressively compete for someone’s business. Take the competitive quotes you get and bring them to the vendor you are partial to. In doing so, you might have the ability to negotiate lower costs. If prices are within the same ballpark for most of the companies, you’ll know that you’re getting a valuable solution. Click here to request a quote from Channel Audio.

On-site techs running a virtual event

Make Virtual Attendance an Option

Attending in-person meetings is great. There is nothing like sitting in front of someone discussing shared experiences and future plans. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive to have such meetings, particularly when you consider the cost of the hotel, airfare, and time away from the office. Many planners are transitioning to “hybrid events,” essentially a live event broadcasted over a webcast, giving people who can’t be there physically the opportunity to participate in the meeting.

Ask Your AV Provider If They Can Help Optimize Your Spending

Is saving money an option? An AV partner can offer you improvement ideas for your upcoming event, and show you how to optimize your spending to stay within your budget while still providing a professional event. A designated project manager can be on-site if requested. This individual can point out specific opportunities to reduce costs, which can be done through crew size optimization, unnecessary equipment elimination, and fine-tuning work schedules.

An event budget spreadsheet and calculator

Think About Different Service Levels

Depending on the event, it could require full-service from your AV provider, which can include getting things set up, tearing things down, or keeping the show running via on-site technicians. In other cases, you might just need to rent some equipment that you can operate yourself. When negotiating with the venue management team, ensure that there aren’t services you are paying for that you do not actually require.

Consider Opportunities for Creative Sponsorship

There could be several event solutions that can help you with sponsorship potential. You can sometimes pay for technology solutions through sponsorship revenues. They may end up becoming drivers you can count on. For example, you might be interested in renting some kind of video wall. The displays can be utilized to combine sponsorship messages with social network activity and event information.

an event planner on a webcast

Ask an AV Provider If They Can Give You Several Options

A quality AV company won’t provide a “this is the best we can do'' offer. Companies that value your time and money will present you with numerous options, each coming with different price points to choose from. A partner worth your time should be willing to collaborate with you in order to isolate various solutions that can help bring your vision to life, and without exceeding your budget! A good way to ask for this is to request a “Good/Better/Best” quote.

As far as successful events are concerned, AV decisions play a key role. Getting things right the first time should be at the top of your list. Our eight suggestions can go a long way in helping you save money while getting the best possible value for all of your AV needs. Best of all, none of them involve compromising on quality.


Sound board/mixer at front of house at a live concert


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