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Enhance Your Event's Atmosphere

Drapery is a simple but effective way to transform an event space into something beautiful.  We take pride in our attention to detail to ensure it looks just right.  Whether you are hosting an outdoor event, an indoor wedding or a cocktail party, Channel Audio welcomes the challenge of making your space as elegant as possible. 

We offer drapery in several different color and height options. See below for our full line of offerings.

Things to Consider:
1. Drape Height - How high are the ceilings in the event space?
2. Total Drape Width - How long is the area of coverage?
3. Drapery Color - What color drapery would best suit your event?

Vector visual of businessman giving speech at corporate conference with pipe and drape.
Wedding graphic of couple getting married with pipe and drape.
Singing group performing a concert vector graphic with pipe and drape.


Channel Audio stocks a wide range of Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) fabrics that can be used to ensure your event stands out.

Our premium pipe and drape rentals will enhance your special event, transforming the ordinary setting into the extraordinary.


Choose the right color to transform your event into an intimate and elegant space.

Channel Audio Pipe and Drape Color Options





Depending on the ceiling height of your event space, there are various options to enhance the atmosphere.

Three different pipe and drap height options offered by Chnnel Audio




All of our Pipe & Drape Rentals include Full Installation -
We will help determine exactly what you need, set it up, make sure it is perfect and take it down when you're done. 

Corporate Conference Event in Knoxville

Top quality event rentals available for either long- or short-term use. 

Catch up on the latest event industry news, tips & trends from our team.

Knowledgeable. Fast. Responsive. Technical support is just a phone call away.

Courier and technician delivery available throughout the Mid-South 7 days a week.

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