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The Simple Dos and Don'ts of Booking an AV Provider

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Dos and Don'ts of Booking an AV Provider

DO your research:

Make sure you know exactly what an AV company's specialty is before you hire them. Every event has specific requirements in terms of equipment, set ups, labor, and so on. If your event is going to go smoothly, you will need to make sure that your AV provider has experience in your industry and the type of event you want to host.

For example, Channel Audio has extensive experience with private parties, conferences, weddings/receptions, corporate, and non-profit events. When our clients come to us, they know that their event is guaranteed to be a success!

Projector and Screen Rental from Channel Audio at Business Event

DON'T assume that an in-house AV provider will save you money:

Often, an in-house provider works out to be much more expensive than contracting an outside company. Typically, they don't have the capability to be flexible with your budget. Most in-house providers have to share their profits with the venue, which significantly reduces their income by around 45-60%. They quote higher prices to maximize their earnings.

By contrast, Channel Audio is an independent AV provider who can negotiate with you and give you a competitive quote based on your individual needs. For more information about independent providers vs. in-house, click here.

Event Planner meeting with an AV account manager

DO be clear about your needs from the start:

If you can give your account manager your ideas about your event with as many specific details as possible; they will immediately be able to tell you what the cost is and what they can and cannot provide.

Channel Audio is unique in offering a complete one-stop-shop solution, which includes all of the tech components you need for your event. Additionally, we can offer production assistance and all the labor you need to make your event successful. We work hard to take all the hassle away from our clients, making sure they do not need to go through the process of hiring multiple companies to work on their event.

Open binder for an event planner

DON'T miss out the small details:

Make sure that your to-do list does not merely focus on the big tasks; the little details are vital. It is often the tiny details that end up making or breaking an event. Make sure you ask yourself the key questions. For example, are you live-streaming? Do you need Wi-Fi? Are there any power fees for the venue? Make sure that you consider these details and pass them on to your AV provider, so everyone is on the same page.

As an independent audiovisual provider, Channel Audio can supply all your technical, AV, and computing needs for your event. We always provide the highest quality equipment and top of the line technology. We love working closely with our clients to take their innovative ideas and vision and turn it into reality to create amazing, memorable, stand-out events. When you hire our team, we will work alongside you, supporting your staff to give you the very best AV production support.

For more information, please give us a call today at (615) 669-2126 so we can discuss how we can fulfill all your event's AV production needs.


Sound board/mixer at front of house at a live concert


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