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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During Football Viewing Parties

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

NFL Football Game Viewing Party

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Now that the professional and college football season is back in swing, you may be thinking about throwing a viewing party. After all, it is much more fun to watch football with friends gathered around the TV together, snacking and drinking while the game is going on. Perhaps you’re interested in just inviting a handful of friends over, or maybe you are thinking of hosting a large-scale party. No matter how many people are at your party, you will have to coordinate some things in advance in order to make a weekend afternoon football party enjoyable.

Our company has helped people all across Tennessee – including football fans in Nashville – throw memorable gatherings. It would surprise you to learn how many small things are overlooked that can take the fun out of a viewing party. This article will go over four common mistakes made at football viewing parties. Refrain from making the mistakes below if you want to make a football party in your home an enjoyable event.

Kicking Off the Party Way Too Early

Who doesn’t love a good party? Many people in Nashville (as well as the rest of the country) love watching football games at parties. However, not everybody has the same patience, desire, or passion to sit through seven hours’ worth of pregame shows, and that doesn’t include the actual game itself! In fact, when you combine the actual game length with the pregame duration, you may end up watching football for as long as 11 hours in total! Although throwing a party for 11 hours sounds fun, the fact of the matter is that will be way too long for such an event. There is nothing wrong with starting the party reasonably early to hype guests up for the big game. You can have a couple of drinks with them and even serve some snacks. We suggest starting the party an hour before the game. That way, guests have time to settle themselves in before kickoff.

Game Day Snacks

Feeding Guests Party Favors Too Early

Serving food when you’re hosting a party is essential. A lack of food at a party will be a mistake, one you should avoid making. Having said that, if you serve an excessive amount of food too early to guests, this could backfire on you. The usual go-to menu for viewing parties consists of a variated mixture of chips and salsa, chicken wings, pizza, as well as soda or beer for refreshments. It isn’t necessary to go above and beyond with party food. You don’t have to order lobster, champagne, or steak. Bite-size finger foods will do just fine. Ensure that the choices you provide aren’t messy. The food should be served in waves, beginning with fairly light snacks before working up to pizza and chicken wings. That way, everybody will have something in their stomach by halftime and might even have room for dessert during the fourth quarter. The last thing you want to do is overindulge guests, which could result in an upset stomach for at least one of them during the party.

Football Viewing Party Beverages

Serving Beverages That Are Too Strong

Alcohol helps people loosen up before the big game. It allows guests to let their guard down, relax, and act silly in a fun way. However, if the drinks you served are way too strong, behaviors can shift, and not for the better. Hard liquor can make guests become unruly. If there is an excessive amount of red party cups available, nothing is stopping guests from overindulging, especially if it’s readily accessible. That is not to say that you shouldn’t serve drinks at a party. However, patrons should have the ability to view the football game in a relaxed and calm manner. Overly intoxicated guests can ruin the mood for those who can handle their liquor or aren’t drinking at all. Consider just serving beverages like wine and beer.

AV Rental Package

Lacking the Proper Projector Set Up or TV

If you’re going to be enjoying the big game with family and friends, the screen you’re watching it on is of significant importance. Guests won’t enjoy themselves if they aren’t able to see anything. Showing a football game on a small-sized screen during a party isn’t ideal. Your projector screen or TV should be large enough for everybody to watch the game on. The more guests you are inviting, the bigger your television or projector screen should be. If you don’t have a screen big enough, consider renting one. Also, determine if the game will be broadcasted from an online source or through your cable provider. Guests should have the ability to watch the game without their views being obstructed. Your speakers should be clear and loud enough for guests to hear the game as it was meant to be heard at a party. If the party is being held outdoors, the game shouldn’t be shown while the sun shines brightly.

You’re now ready to host a football viewing party. By knowing what you need in advance, you can plan the gathering, send out some invites, and host an event that guests won’t forget! For more information about AV packages our company offers for football viewing parties, have a look at our AV packages page. Alternatively, you can call us directly at 615-669-2126 for more information about our rates and services.


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