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Summer Weddings: TVs or Projectors?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

AV Rental System at a Private Party

Every couple wants their special day to be absolutely flawless. No details should be overlooked when it comes to decorations, venue, food, and most importantly, photo and video of their big celebration. Although we typically don’t give it much thought, almost every wedding includes a short video or photo slideshow of the bride and groom. When it comes to daytime celebrations – especially in the summer – using a projector and projection screen can end up being a mistake.


Ambient Sunlight

As great as they are, a significant disadvantage of using projectors is that their picture can easily be washed out by the sun's ambient light. To allow for the same resolution and brightness that a television display would give, you would either need to temporarily block out the ambient light or use an extremely powerful projector – which could be costly. On the other hand, a flat-screen TV rental would provide you with much higher contrast, at a much lower price. Better quality for less!

In Tennessee, many of the wedding venues have spectacular views that are complemented by amazing ambient light from the sun. When the time comes to show off all of the bride and groom's special milestones and moments, the picture quality needs to be seen by all of the guests – not just the ones that are closest to the screens.

Outdoor Projectors Under Tent


A quality projection setup is not only going to be costly to you in terms of your wallet, but also to the space at the venue that you'll be sacrificing. Typically, 12–16' of space is needed between the projection screen and the projector which can take away a significant amount of real estate from your guests. Using a TV as the primary display frees up much more valuable space which can be used for activities with your guests, more tables, and so on.

Audio Visual TV and Loudspeakers at a Wedding Reception

More Guests? More Displays!

A common objection is that one TV display will not be large enough for all of the guests to see. To resolve this issue, multiple TV displays can be placed throughout the venue, giving everyone a clear view of the slideshow or video. Using multiple TVs can also be very beneficial at venues with pillars, columns, or walls that would block the guests’ line of sight.

We can split the video/slideshow feed to multiple displays or even cast the video/slideshow to the TVs wirelessly. We can also use adjustable television stands to ensure that the height of each screen is perfect for your seated or standing guests’ views.

If you need any advice choosing the perfect option suited to your event, we would be more than happy to help you out. Just give us a call at (615) 669-2126 or email us at


Sound board/mixer at front of house at a live concert


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